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'I like hats, but they don't suit me'

A popular phrase that seems to be doing the rounds. Complete balderdash and piffle, but popular nonetheless, probably started by nervous hairdressers.

My answer to anyone who would like to wear a hat, but doesn't know how, is to follow the NewUrban 3 step guide to choosing a hat:

1.  Choose a hat style that complements your face

2. Match your colours

3. Choose your correct size

First - Identify your face shape

a) Round

Jack Black

Small round faces tend to look short, so you will need a hat that will add a little height.

NewUrban suggests any Trilby Hat or Fedora Hat and also a Baker Boy Cap or Newsboy Cap. All worn at a slight side and back tilt and not straight and level across your face.

Avoid narrow brim hats such as pork pie hats.

b) Long and Thin

Barack Obama

For long thin faces, you will need a hat that does not give any extra height, unless you add a lot more width.

NewUrban suggests either a wide brim Fedora Hat or a Flat Cap worn with a slight tilt forwards or a Beanie Hat.

Avoid narrow brim hats with a high crown.

c) Deep, Long & Full

James Gandolfini

For deep long full faces, you will need a wide brim hat to counterbalance the face area.

NewUrban suggests a wide brim Fedora Hat worn with a pronounced side tilt.

Avoid narrow brim hats or wearing your hat tilted too far back.

d) High Cheekbones

Robert Pattinson

Angelina Jolie

For faces with high cheekbones, you need a hat that doesn’t interfere with your face's sleek lines.

NewUrban suggests a Flat Cap or oversized Beanie Hat or a Cloche Hat for women.

Avoid Trilby Hats or wide brim Fedora Hats.

e) Big Ears

Will Smith

If you have large protruding ears and you're looking to lessen their visual impact, your best bet is a wide brim hat or a hat that covers them completely.

NewUrban suggests a Wide Brim Fedora Hat or a Beanie Hat worn over the ears.

Avoid the narrower brim Trilby hats or Pork Pie hats.

f) Oval

Brad Pitt

Taylor Swift

If you have an oval face, you probably have already figured out that you have the perfect face for hats, so pretty much anything goes for you!

For all face types though, the Flat Cap is a look that can work for everyone!

Second - choose your correct colours

The trick here is to match your hat to your hair and/or eye colours.

a) For blonde hair, NewUrban suggests brown, grey, red, pink or dark blue coloured hats

b) For light brown hair, NewUrban suggests brown, beige, grey or green coloured hats

c) For dark brown or black hair, NewUrban suggests brown, black or light blue coloured hats

d) For red or strawberry blonde hair, NewUrban suggests brown, cream or blue coloured hats

e) For grey hair, NewUrban suggests black or green coloured hats

You can also match your eye colour to your hat, so brown hats for brown eyes, blue hats for blue eyes and green hats for green eyes.

Third -  always choose your correct size

Even if you've selected your correct style and colour, if you choose a hat that doesn't fit you, it is never going to look good. Just like an ill fitting shoe, an ill fitting hat will be uncomfortable and look terrible.

It is very important to measure your head accurately and we have a measuring guide on every hat detail page, explaining easily how to do this and what size you should go for.

If you're lucky enough to have a size 58cm head, then there will be no shortage of places that you can find a hat on the high street, where lack of space and specialization means that only one or two sizes are ever stocked. However, the majority of people will find that their head size will be somewhere between 54 and 63cm.

We at NewUrban recognise that everyone deserves a hat that fits and that is why we always try to stock as many sizes as possible all of the time and have one of the largest range of hat sizes available anywhere.

NewUrban Filters

If you know exactly what you're after, you can use our filter system to narrow your search by hat brand, hat style, colour and size, so you can see exactly what is in stock, available for you to buy straight away. And with free UK returns for up to 30 days from when you receive your hats, you can always try different hat styles, colours or sizes and return by Freepost whatever isn't suitable.

So now you have no excuse – there really is a hat that would suit you, just follow the NewUrban 3 step guide!

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2 Responses to How to choose the right hat

  • Mark Brandon
    Mark Brandon on December 12, 2010 at 12:36 am said:

    A great post! Very informative and explains why I can't find hats in the shops that look right on me. Fantastic hats and I love the site too!

  • Peter Haughton
    Peter Haughton on March 5, 2011 at 6:51 pm said:

    What a difference now it's no longer Hobson's choice with hat sizes. Thanks to your advice and availability - hats for me are now a true accessory.

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