Measuring guide


If you do not know your head size, measure your head with a tape measure and take measurements in centimetres or inches. Wrap the tape measure around half a centimetre above the top of your ear, not on your ear. Pull the tape snug but not tight.


Our Newurban hat size guide is as follows:
Please note that other hat stores may use hat size letters to cover more than one actual size. We think it is important to get as accurate a size as possible to fit you, so we use a more precise hat sizing system


InchesCmHat Size NumberHat Size Letter
21-1/4" 54cm 6-3/4 3XS
21-5/8" 55cm 6-7/8 XXS
22" 56cm 7 XS
22-3/8" 57cm 7-1/8 S
22-3/4" 58cm 7-1/4 M
23-1/8" 59cm 7-3/8 L
23-5/8" 60cm 7-1/2 XL
24" 61cm 7-5/8 XXL
24-3/8" 62cm 7-3/4 3XL
24-7/8" 63cm 7-7/8 4XL