Trilby hats

Womens Trilby hats and Fedora hats by NewUrban Hats. Here you will find a huge selection of womens Trilby hats and Fedora hats, many of which are completely unique and not available anywhere else.

In this section, you can choose between our different styles of trilby hats, fedora hats, pork pie hats, bowler hats and top hats. A pork pie hat has a short peak that tends to be flat or upturned all round, a trilby hat has a mid-sized peak that tends to be upturned at the back and snapped down at the front and a fedora hat has a wide peak that can be either flat all round or upturned at the back.

At NewUrban, we don't just sell womens trilby hats and fedoras, we also design and make them too. Our NewUrban brand hats are all hand crafted and not mass produced, which makes them the perfect choice if you want a trilby or fedora that is both individual and expertly made with high levels of attention to detail.

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